Grasstrac is a granular product for application to grazing pastures and silage fields in order to combat trace element deficiencies.

Grasstrac is available in three specifications for 2017: Mixed Grazing, Cattle, and Alpaca.

Every bite...Every animal...every year

Grass is indiscriminate in its uptake:

Grass will take up the available minerals that are in the soil allowing the applied trace elements in Grasstrac to be absorbed by the plant, increasing nutritional value and animal health.


Changes in legislation reduced the amount of cobalt added to feeds, increasing the reliance on pasture levels. Cobalt is involved in Vitamin B12 formation which is utilised in energy production. Cobalt in the grass ensures ruminants can utilise the energy received from forage.


Animals rely on a continuous dietary supply of Zinc. Zinc maintains hoof structure and integrity as well as coat quality. It is also associated with fertility and a healthy immune system.


Very few pastures in the UK have a sufficient level of Iodine. Iodine is involved with the function of the thyroid gland which produces essential hormones for the body and regulates metabolism. It is also a natural antiseptic and therefore aids with immune system function.


Selenium works in conjunction with Vitamin E to aid and improve immune system function. This is crucial to keeping a healthy animal.


Sulphur works with Zinc for keratin production, promoting wool quality and growth. Deficiencies can result in hair shedding and poor wool growth.

Supply trace elements through grass:

Less requirement to supply additional trace elements all the time when out at grass, apart from at times of elevated need.


Copper is easily locked up by other elements. By supplying copper to the grass we can supply a larger unlocked portion thereby aiding in fertility, coat quality and muscle formation.